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Experience-based, future focused.


The Talsen story.

Talsen evolved from the operational platform of Pioneer Underwriters at the end of 2020. Known by many in the industry for strong reliable delivery across compliance, risk management, claims and advisory, the operational core of Pioneer Underwriters was home to some of the best practitioners in the field.

Recognising the opportunity to build something new which would bring fresh, practitioner-led, tech-savvy solutions to the London insurance market, the team is ready to leverage their learnings and experience to boost the success of their clients.


Our Vision.

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To bring fresh, practitioner-led, tech-savvy solutions to the London and European insurance markets that boost the success of our clients and to be perceived by our clients as a trusted, go-to partner for insurance solutions that solve core problems seamlessly.


Our guiding principles.

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  • Results, Excellence and Effectiveness – this is what we are all about. Our emphasis is on the outcomes we provide to you – our clients, not on the effort we put in. We want you to feel that Talsen “took on a challenge and gave back a solution that works”.
  • Authenticity – we are living in a superficial world where being forthright, being “real” and being sincere are rare characteristics which are therefore more valuable for their rarity. We want to say what we mean and mean what we say – but always considerately, respectfully and with an understanding of the outcome we are seeking to achieve.
  • Generate Goodwill – this captures all the positive aspects of kindness, respect, and generosity, seeing each interaction as an opportunity to leave that client, colleague or stranger feeling a sense of goodwill towards you personally as an individual and to us as a company.
  • Achieving Balance – we believe that looking after our people, each other and our clients, and ensuring that we get the balance right across all aspects of our lives, allows us to deliver results, excellence and effectiveness, and to do so authentically, in a way that connects personally with everyone we do business with.

what makes us unique

Think agility. Think expertise.

Think experience. Think forward.

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